U10 Laser Methane Leakage Detector

Methane gas (CH4) detector (U10) for Matrice 300 RTK series or Matrice 200/210

Brand: DJI
Šifra: 0001300619
Proizvođačeva šifra: CP.QT.00003697.01
62.379,38 EUR 469.997,44 kn
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Detect methane gas (CH4) levels with Matrice 300 RTK series or Matrice 200/210 using this U10 UAV-Based Laser Methane Leakage Detector from DJI. The system is suitable for monitoring usage and leaks in natural gas plants, gas storage tanks, and gas pipelines in hard-to-reach areas such as mountains or bodies of water. The detector connects to the Skyport on a DJI Matrice 300 RTK or Matrice 200/210. Detect methane (CH4) from aerial drone Up to 328' detection distance 25 ms response time 5 ppm.m stationary detection limit Camera with 720p resolution Connects to Skyport on DJI Matrice 200/210 (v1, v2)/300 Control with Alpha ONE iOS app Applications Natural gas plant, storage tank, gas pipeline monitoring Monitor hard-to-reach mountain, valley, or river locations